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The Blue Flag is an environmental quality award granted to ports that make a special effort to provide good environmental management, promoting information and awareness-raising campaigns in favour of respect for sensitive environmental areas and providing users with information about the practices that need to be followed concerning aspects associated with effective water management, energy consumption and behaviour concerning discharges and waste and responsible sailing. To obtain the blue flag, the Port has to meet a set of requirements standardised with other candidate ports for this award concerning education and environmental information, environmental management, services and safety and water quality.

The Blue Flag is an award presented by the Environmental Education Foundation (EEF), an environmental non-governmental organisation, represented in almost fifty States on five continents. The award is granted to beaches and marinas for a single season and it is valid while the requirements continue to be met. As soon as a breach is detected, the authorities responsible withdraw the Blue Flag. Each national EEF organisation inspects Blue Flag sites during the season.

We need your cooperation to keep the Blue Flag flying as the best sign that, among all of us, we play our part in actively contributing to environmental protection. The best way of doing your bit is to follow the indications of the Environmental Code of Conduct.