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 The accessibility of the Port: crucial for commercial development

The good communications of Badalona Port and the fact that it is an urban port in a city acting as capital of Barcelonès Nord anb Baix Maresme promotes business opportunities on the site. The usage plan reserves commercial areas for restaurants and bars on the Moll de Capitania and on the Moll Nord for boating-related services on the Moll the Ribera, and places a hotel and convention centre and diversified commercial area on the Moll Nord, where the Port joins the city in the form of the new promenade. The Port's site in a central area of renewal connected to the urban network expands the boating-related public to urban customers and users from the metropolitan area of influence.

The means the commercial range on offer at the port is aimed at providing services not only to the moorers but also to everyone who adopts it as a leixure area, with many possibilities.

Premises for boating services and activities  

  • The area for providing services and offering boating activities is concentrated in the Moll de Ribera commercial premises, following the route of Carrer d'Eduard Maristany, parallel to the railway line.
  • This measures 750m2, distributed in 28 modular units each of 26.88m2, wich are available for monthly rent with a ninimum of two modules on a on a 10-year lease.   

This is an ideal area for sailing schools, chartes companies and boat hire and sale, boating supply shops, the laundry service, cleaning companies,...

Premises for restaurants and bars: Moll de Capitania Buildings and Moll Nord premises 

Moll de Capitania Buildings

  • Three two-storey buildings, differentiated and linked by a pergola terrace for use as restaurants and bars, standing only a few metres from the Harbourmaster’s Building (Port administrative centre).
  • Large, flexible restaurant and bar premises, with plenty of light, facing the sea, big enough to be adapted as haute cuisine restaurants.
  • 6,175m2 of useful floor area (2.800m2 useful area on the ground floor, 1,700m2 on the first floor and 1,675m2 of terrace), offered flexibly in terms of space, the modules, the floors and the connection to the terrace.
  • It is the right space for anyone who agrees that contemporary catering is a simile for elegance and taste.
  • The materials of the buildings are similar to the qualities of the rest of the port: Corten steel, porcelain fittings, zinc sheeting and exposed concrete.
  • They are offered for a monthly rent on a 10-year operating lease.
  • There are parking spaces at the entrance to each building, which stands alongside the Port’s children’s playground.

To consult prices, offers and avaibility  click aquí

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