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A classic quetch restored, destined to offer sports, cultural and playful activities to his city

The craft Ciutat Badalona is a classic quetch constructed the year 1920 in the dockyards of Denmark, which initiates his gait 1929 with activities of local trade of minerals, grain and other products of the first need. Nose of original trade of the Baltic one, in the decade of the 70, after being some years in dry, initiates his gait towards the Antilles, adventure that leads him to giving several round-the-world trips. One of the secrets of his longevity is that was constructed by the best wood and by good materials, contrary to what might become detached of his year of birth, in an epoch of recession.

The year 2006 was acquired by Marina de Badalona by the aim to recover it as symbol of the city there to where it goes. The process of recovery is integral, and complex. It's finished at Setember of 2011. The first management consisted of changing the name (his last name) of Johanne Regina into that of Ciutat Badalona.

The craft is called to turning into a symbol of the city to the ports to which it moves and to be a core of multiple sports, playful and cultural activities. Between the projects that are designed it is of creating a school of traditional sailing, with the dynamism of a totally renewed craft and the recovery of the values of the teamwork, the cooperation and also the personal challenge of this type of navigation.

Also in offering playful naturalistic exits as the observation of birds, the observation of the migration of whales... And also more cultural, as the observation of the sky line of the coast of this part of the littoral and specially that of the city, the commercial routes, the incursions pirates and the creation of the city,... The students' visits also be planned. And undoubtedly it is an excellent place for celebrations, to offer trips of end of week or of longer stay, can take part in ditches of classic, ... There are many possibilities.

Marina de Badalona might not put to the service of his city the craft without the complicity and the coordination with the Associació Amics del Quetx Ciutat Badalona, main to the contribution of voluntary crew to realize the voyages, with the leadership of , Marcel Mongay, important too for the maintenance and advice.

Ciutat Badalona returns to sail to represent to a seaworthy city that the witness of the tradition can gather looking with guarantee at the future from his urban port, point from which to agglutinate all the persons with marine path and base from which to bring new navigators over. The first exits programmed in this new path are:

  • Boarding: At the time indicated in each of the scheduled departures from the Harbor Master's Wharf of Badalona and a 2-hour trip forecast.
  • Donation: 17 or 20 euros adults and 10 or 12 euros child (up to 12 years), depending on the departure.
  • Places limited to 28 people at night outings and 12 people for departures at sunset. Reservations until they are covered

Information on the Associació dels Amics del Quetx Ciutat Badalona

A group of persons of Badalona fond of the science of navigation and especially to the navigation to sailing, stimulated for Marcel Mongay, has proposed the task of promoting the recovery, conservation and of putting to the service for the whole city of the utilization of the ship, Badalona's heritage, so much for cultural as sports purposes.

If it wants more information about this Association, contact with And you can formalizes your affiliation to the Association before acquiring the income and being able like that to start applying the discounts.

Want to celebrate parties and work reunions at the quetx? Contact:

Miguel Rojano